Misty Valley Books in Chester, Sunday, May 15th @ 4 PM

You are invited to Misty Valley Books on Sunday, May 15th at 4 PM to join a candid discussion with author Bill Schubart about the role of eating in his life. His new book Fat People is a collection of stories about people who eat, not for sustenance and pleasure, but instead for the Lethe that food induces in certain people, the temporary relief from fear, loneliness, and shame. These are feelings many fat people live with and believe are unique to them, especially young people who eat compulsively.

Bill gained weight when he was about eight and has spent half a century trying to balance the great pleasure of good healthy food with the addictive and palliative eating of more processed foods that are a factor in obesity. His weight has moved between 200 and 450 lbs.

Bill is author also of the highly successful collection entitledThe Lamoille Stories.

Bill will read briefly from the stories and will openly and happily answer questions about his own experience and sign copies of his book. Misty Valley is on The Green on Main Street.

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