Hi Bill,
I’m not sure if this is the best way to reach you but I would really like to begin a conversation about Vermont’s lack of long range planning! Our local environmental group, DUMP (Don’t Undermine Memphremagog’s Purity – nolakedump.com) has been frustrated from our founding in 2018, opposing the expansion of the Coventry Landfill We have met frustration over the lack of planning in ANR & State Government, the lack of questioning, and the lack of following the precautionary principle in dealing with solid waste issues amidst a growing threat from PFAS and the continuing problems in Vermont re: water quality. The state’s only landfill way up in the Northeast corner begs issues that effect VT’s climate change (transportation) policies, public health, future innovative sustainable industries, the economics of communities in the NEK and the State (liability issues down the road if the Casella business avoids responsibility), Act 250’s future, and more.
Your article “Vermont: Reactive or Reactionary” which I accessed from your related May 14 commentary in VT Digger, speaks exactly to the issues you raise. I can share more information from the concerns we’ve been working with and sharing , and DUMP would be very interested in having you join one of our meetings to discuss our issues and solutions you see for Vermont to become more proactive in dealing with its solid waste issues. In the meantime it’s “Willful Blindness.” Than you for listening, and thank you very much for raising these concerns with all Vermonters. I enjoy your fiction, too! Lindy