Health Care
Let’s Start the Dialogue About a Vision for Vermont Healthcare
It will take vision, leadership, and courage to rebuild Vermont’s healthcare System for the next decade. I can offer neither leadership, nor courage, but will presume to offer a possible… Read More
Policy & Politics
Equal Reproductive Rights (VT Prop 5) matters to all Vermonters
The Vermont State Constitution, dating from 1793, has been the basis of several pioneering events in Vermont history, The Marriage Equality Act and the Equal Educational Opportunity Act (Brigham Decision).… Read More
Media & Press
2022 State of Vermont Media
“The oldest weekly newspaper in Vermont is on its last legs.” The Boston Globe reported in Mid-December of the Vermont Standard of Woodstock. The Vermont media landscape is in turmoil.… Read More
Social Culture
It’s Holiday Time Again. We Can Do It Better.
The observance of December religious holidays can be a source of spiritual, family, and community enrichment or, as it is for many, a descent into anxiety and consumerist hell. But… Read More
Short Stories
Hommage à Grand-mère Elise et Sa Salade Verte
Born in 1901, Grammie Couture lived over 101 years. She was the family matriarch, the friend we all turned to when our lives tipped over. Although deeply religious, Grammie bore… Read More
Policy & Politics
Does the First Amendment Allow Racist and Personal Threats of Violence?
It’s time for a statute prohibiting hate-speech, online bullying, and threats of physical violence. Five years ago, then Representative Kiah Morris (D-Bennington) resigned from the Vermont Legislature, where she had… Read More
Policy & Politics
Economic Growth or Strong families and Communities?
Economic Growth or Strong families and Communities? Robert Kennedy said in a 1968 speech at the University of Kansas: “Yet the gross national product does not allow for the health… Read More
Health Care
Childhood Obesity Is Soaring to New Levels
— Kids’ weight has spiked during the pandemic, but it’s part of a long-term trend by Marisa Censani, MD October 30, 2021 As a pediatric endocrinologist in a busy New York City… Read More
Health Care
Our Children - Our Future
  This September, Marian Wright Edelman, a lifelong champion of the wellbeing of children and the founder of the Children’s Defense Fund, said, “If we don’t stand up for children,… Read More
Humor & Satire
Silverbacks in India
About 30 years ago, I was burned out and needed a break from a 50–60-hour work week. I was seeing a young photographer and, out of the blue, asked her… Read More
Health Care
"The Moral Determinants of Healthcare"
I recently wrote about my and others’ concerns about the current state and direction of Vermont’s healthcare systems. But we must also ask, what have our political leaders done to… Read More
Agoraphobia in Charlotte? Leadership, Governance, and Opportunity
The recent community skirmish around Evergreen Family Health, no longer coming to Charlotte, sheds light on deeper issues roiling the town some are now calling “Charnot.” Governed by a Selectboard,… Read More