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The 2020 Vermont Media Landscape
In the Morrisville of the 1950s where I grew up, we had limited but vibrant media access. Clyde Limoge’s News and Citizen came into our home weekly, purveying all the… Read More
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Bill's Interview with Katherine Bielawa Stamper on Present Time Radio
Click here to hear interview with Bill about writing
Media & Press
Bridgeside Book Visit 4/18/19
Video transcript of Bill’s talk: Do you have a book in you?
Arts and Humanities
Brave New World of Publishng
I grew up amid two publishing families. Roger Straus (Farrar, Straus and Giroux) and Alfred and Blanche Knopf. They were both family cousins and close friends of my paternal grandparents.… Read More
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Middlebury Student Meltdown
Many young people are, by nature’s design, rash and impulsive and in loco parentis educators must often deal with the fallout from their students’ lack of experience. Real-life consequences and… Read More
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Did the traditional media really fail us?
I’ve tuned out of the endless forensic analyses of how news media failed the electorate. In fact, other than having misread the political and cultural pulse of many Americans, I’m… Read More
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News and Democracy Are Not Free
“Information wants to be free” is a mantra from the sixties that’s wreaking havoc with democracy. Our culture is at stake as digitization and the Internet largely eliminate the need… Read More
Media & Press
The Future of Vermont Public Television
Don’t look back… except to learn from past mistakes and make change. Look ahead, and welcome new opportunities. In the ‘80s, when cable and satellite opened unlimited channels to the… Read More