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Wyvis’ Fence

When Wyvis Bushway bought the McKean place sometime after the War, farms cost less than a used car today. Those who knew Wyvis had no idea where the money came… Read More

Twist and Shout

Breaking and entering, or “B ’n’ E” as Officer Hubbell called it, was one thing, but B ’n’ E in the white Methodist church of a small New England town… Read More

Edgar’s Mother’s Chimney

The Flats Road lined in parts with regal old sugar maples, meanders east, turning almost immediately to dirt after diverging from its sibling, the Centerville Road. In fall, the road… Read More

The Ferland’s Pet Pigs

Cécile and Thérèse Ferland had just returned from taking their mother, Laurette, on her annual pilgrimage to St. Joseph’s Oratory in Montreal. The mystery of countless miracle healings wrought by… Read More

Jack Daulton’s New Woodstove

“Gert just told me about someone named Bettis who sells woodstoves, but she couldn’t tell me where his shop was. Do you know, Art?” Art smiled, “Have to ask Bettis.… Read More

Duke’s Mudwasps

Jean and Duke Kitonis’s place was high on the hill just across the road from Jack’s. It had been there as long as anyone could remember. Saul Douglas’s grandfather had… Read More

Jeeter’s Leaky Roof

Jeeter’s wife, Lou, was feisty, not the type to “go broody” and hole up for a period with checkout counter magazines and palliative junk food like some of her girlfriends… Read More

Emile’s Beaver Pond

One could buy dynamite sticks and caps from Graves’ Hardware if one’s intent was known to be constructive. There were no written rules to be followed or credentials required for… Read More