Beware the Mt. Peculiar Jabberwalker

The Mt. Peculiar Jabberwalkers

With apologies to Lewis Carroll on the last day of the 2015-16 session


’Twas quiblous in Peculiar Town

Rambunction and dysfunction,

As Ceres eyed the legisphere’s compunction for injunction,

Where Hobblespend Expropriations meets to cringe and oft to whinge

About some new Progressive binge and tot infernal revenues.

Next door, as if to complicate, the Caliphate Adjudicate

Meets now to make more things illegal … to shake a fist or point at beagles

Where lobbygobblers lurk and glom

And green teens shuttle pros and cons

Between their Fleecebook posts and texts.

Beware the fearsome Job Creationist, haunting smokeless chatter rooms,

Undone by tax and regulation, minion wage hikes, fambly leave,

Bestowing gifts and currying favors, to gobblesnatch, besmirch, and pander.

The legisphere’s a proper See and, since Fremonters never err,

Concurs no need for Ethical Embodiments and such.

We know each other well enough to blindeye impropriety.

A belted Galloway the chambers stalks and beards the scions in their dens,

Ensnaring them in foiblous deeds and outing them in online screeds.

A Heintz Catchesup with cleptic deeds in plumbous explorations

And feeds the reads of Seven Dazers with journalistic lasers.

So Honored Tweaker of the House and Unctious miracle Whip,

Please curb your urge to binge and purge, conformulate behaviors.

Woman-up, our leaders great! Eschew the need to legitate!

We will make do as those before us, for now, at least, let’s trill a chorus,

“No more laws until we see… the bumbler for the bees.

Remarkable, indeed, the Jabberwalkers toiling there in Mt. Peculiar.

  • Bill Schubart

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