I Am Baybie

The novel, I Am Baybie, is a first-person narrative of a blind street singer in New York City. “Her early life was marked by a succession of tragedies,” Bill has written. “Blinded at birth by a drunken doctor, she was later molested by a foster father and then sterilized as a young woman by a doctor who thought he was doing her a favor. Yet the few people in her life, those she met on the street and the six who attended her small church in an abandoned storefront in Brooklyn, brought her joy. I had never met anyone who saw life and the people she encountered with such generosity of spirit. Only by putting her story into words could I ever hope to fully recall the grace and gratitude this woman brought into my own much easier life.” 

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Paperback (ISBN: 978-0-9834852-9-2) Magic Hill Press LLC – 5/16/2013
Ebook (ISBN: (978-0-9897121-1-8)
Audiobook (978-1-7328890-7-1

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I can’t tell you how much I love I AM BAYBIE. It goes right to the heart of our humanity. It is also the most American book I have read since, I don’t know, LONESOME DOVE. Baybie is a magnificent character, with a voice for the ages. She makes me proud to be a human being.

– Howard Frank Mosher, author of Marie Blythe and Walking to Gatlinburg.

I just finished your book last night. What a terrific job you did! It’s a really good book. There were parts when I was just being carried along, forgetting that I was reading something written by my friend Bill. At those times, it was just me and Baybie. She was talking right to me. A beautiful book.

-Joe Citro, author of Shadow Child and The Gore


Independent Publishers of New England Book Award Literary Fiction Finalist