The Future of Vermont Health Care

Vermont has committed to meeting the standards imposed by the new federal healthcare law and also to pioneer a single-payer system by 2017. And while few would debate the need… Read More

Heroin in Vermont

The danger in believing we are special is that it can blind us to what’s right under our noses. We mix and drink our Kool-Aid and then bask in our… Read More

Chittenden County Police, Fire, and Rescue: Time to Consolidate?

This is the kind of question that causes people to stare at their shoes during Town meeting. “Does the greater Burlington area, from Milton to Richmond and Charlotte really need… Read More

Jobs in Our Town

I’m generally suspicious of prognosticators and gurus, whether they’re predicting the end of books or the end of the world. I don’t worry about things ending, nor do I fear… Read More

UVM’s Challenge & Opportunity

  Listen 3:23   UVM was kind enough to admit me to its junior class in 1966 after I explained my abysmal record at Kenyon College and the life lessons… Read More

Vermont Needs Better Government Transparency

When the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Citizens United, there was little dissent from the justices about transparency. If businesses and those with the means were now free to… Read More

When Words Collide

The essence of a good cultural collision is usually found in language, the malaprop’s a good example. Growing up in Morrisville in the shadow of Stowe’s social ascendancy in the… Read More

Vermont’s Working Landscape: A Worthy Investment

In time and perhaps with age, we learn to doubt or at least question the predictions of gurus and futurists. Our landscapes are riddled with the remnants of “model communities”… Read More

R.F.D. R. I. P.

 I think the heat-drunk garter snake living in our mail box is an omen. As I lower the battered cover and reach gingerly inside to get our mail, I wonder… Read More

Vermonters Overcompensated? Not!

According to The Washington Post and other sources, executive compensation at the nation’s largest firms has quadrupled in real terms since the 1970’s even as pay for 90% of Americans… Read More

Imagine Vermont as a Destination for the Best Education in the World

Picture this…..Vermont abandons many of its under-funded, often poorly conceived fix-it initiatives in favor of a single strategic one. Investments largely wasted on economic development, various consumer and business subsidies,… Read More

Principles Underlying a Redesign of Vermont’s Tax Code

Bill Schubart serves with former Secretary of Administration in the Dean and Kunin Administrations, Kathy Hoyt, and the economist and radio commentator, Bill Sayre, on the Legislature’s Blue Ribbon Tax… Read More