A Strategic Overhaul of Government Agencies and the Tax code

Nothing works for ever. Things run down and need repair. Aspects lose their utility. Sometimes they must be overhauled. Vermont has reached that point in two critical areas. One is… Read More

We Have Opportunities

Vermont has options. In these perilous moments of great change when old things get brittle and break, savvy people design and build new things. There is opportunity in chaos for… Read More

The Vermont Bond?

Vermont state and municipal bonds are vetted and offered through the Vermont Municipal Bond Bank to larger markets where, typically, high-net-worth individuals and institutional investors then acquire them as a… Read More

Managing the Past?

If we are not guided by a vision for the future, we end up managing the past. The problem with simply managing the past is that opportunities pass us by… Read More

Book: The Lamoille Stories

—Howard Frank Mosher, author of Disappearances, Mary Blythe, and On Kingdom Mountain Every year on the Fourth of July, Jeeter’s wife Lou struts in the town parade wearing suspenders made… Read More

Controlling Health Care Costs in Vermont

Years of pecking away at a keyboard churning out op-eds in which I typically carp about aspects of society have come home to roost. Like many repetitive motion workers, I’ve… Read More

Vermont in America

The feisty independence of Vermonters is in our DNA. In our brief flirtation with nationhood, Vermont was, for fourteen years, its own Republic before it joined the original thirteen colonies… Read More

Freedom and Unity

I’ve been reading the interim report of the Council on the Future of Vermont’s look at what Vermonters hold sacred as well as what they fear about recent trends in… Read More

Greenup Day: There ought’a be a law…

I’m the kind of guy that when the stress of an office job overwhelms me and the going gets rough I look longingly at physical work, like stacking a couple… Read More

*Challenges within the Vermont Non-profit Sector

To varying degrees, the needs of a society are met by three de facto socio-economic resources: private sector goods and services, government services and not-for-profit organizations.  I say “organized” only… Read More

Where’s the Plan?

There is a “term of art” called the economic development toolbox.” In a “tad da” designed to delight Vermonters weary of plentiful $9.00 per hour jobs, rising fuel and health… Read More

Vermont: State of Freedom

In the 14 years before joining the original colonies in 1791, Vermont was a feisty, independent republic with allegiance only to itself and the motto “Freedom and Unity.” Today it… Read More