From Lila and Theron (June 1, 2017)

Lila and Theron do not imagine themselves poor, nor do they covet what they don’t have. They are whole in themselves and on their land and progress impinges little on… Read More

I Am Baybie

The novel, I Am Baybie, is a first-person narrative of a blind street singer in New York City. “Her early life was marked by a succession of tragedies,” Bill has… Read More

Snippet from “Fat People:” “Dear Diary,”

“Fatty, fatty, two by four, Couldn’t fit through the bathroom door, So she did it on the floor.” Dear Diary, Since Marty’s visit to the principal’s office, he no longer… Read More

Fat People, Baybie Denton, excerpt

Baybie Denton lives in a trailer behind the dump. Her stepbrother Floyd lives in a nearby trailer perpendicular to hers so he can’t look in her windows, least that’s what Baybie thinks. Baybie is blind from birth and Floyd sees to her needs when he’s sober enough to do so.

Photographic Memory, excerpt

His thoughts drifted and he remembered himself sitting far back on the bench seat in the cab of a snowplow. It was dark and Uncle Ben was at the wheel of his sister-in-law’s dump truck with its two rusty yellow plows on the right front, a curved scarifier plow that lifted the snow from the ground and then a deflector blade higher up that sent the snow aloft in a continuous white stream to the side of the road, burying the pasture fence.

Short Story Collection: “Fat People”

Fat People: fiction about people who live to eat Fat People is an entirely unique fictional look at the emotions and experiences of those who live to eat: the estrangement,… Read More