Do We Fully Understand and Account for Addiction in Vermont?

Last year, well over 100 Vermonters died of street and pharmaceutical drug overdoses. Like traffic deaths, we keep track and publicize annually our drug deaths both as an indicator of… Read More


Obesity is a principal driver of health care costs, our nation is obese, and at 350 pounds I, too, am obese. But my doctor tells me that at seventy years… Read More

Addictive Behavior

“Hi, I’m Bill. I’m a food addict.” Is this a statement of fact, of theory, of wishful thinking, or merely an attempt to avoid responsibility for overeating and being fat?… Read More

Lunch in Williston and Pienza

I’m at my desk in Williston. I pry open the warped plastic bowl containing my tuna salad and a few soggy rye crisps, take out my plastic fork and with… Read More

*New York Menu to a Vermonter

I. Genesis: The Belly of the Beast: archival quality, yellow-belly tuna carved with a sashimi knife, hand-forged of alternating layers of ginger leaf and carbon steel served on bamboo. Big… Read More

Meat and Fire

This is about meat and fire. It will be distasteful to some and salubrious to others. In either case, it is not for the faint hearted. It is about the… Read More