Air Travel, Isn’t It Just fun?

After my wife stuffed a last minute contraband wheel of very ripe Livarot cheese into her carry-on luggage, we entered the airport, cleared security, and settled into our seats for… Read More

When Words Collide

The essence of a good cultural collision is usually found in language, the malaprop’s a good example. Growing up in Morrisville in the shadow of Stowe’s social ascendancy in the… Read More

Jolly Olde England

On our occasional visits to England, we’ve taken up renting Landmark Trust properties, which are considerably less expensive than hotels, especially when friends and family join in. We usually rent… Read More

We Dug a Pond

We recently decided to dig a pond in the retired pasture next to our house. It raised some questions, the most common of which is, “Is the bottom yucky?” I… Read More

Chronicles of Alternative Energy: Heating Your House with Chickens

The concept may come as a surprise to some, but the notion is an old and venerable one. In Medieval times, hovels were usually heated with people, animals and a… Read More

The Price of Shaving Gear: I give up.

Luckily, I spent my puberty in an all-male boarding school in New Hampshire. I began to shave there, only because my father had given me a razor and a pack… Read More

Aunt Rose & Mr. Farr’s Jerseys

My imperious grandmother’s sister, maiden aunt Rose, was considered “frail.” She rarely saw anyone outside her coterie of effete friends who frequented the old Metropolitan Opera on 39th and Broadway.… Read More

Talk to me…..

When I was a cub scout in Morrisville in 1953, one of my merit badge projects was to learn Morse code. Another was talking into orange juice cans connected by… Read More

Chick Day

As a public service, commentator Bill Schubart warns public radio listeners of the deceptive practices used to entice you into inviting deadly roosters into your home in the springtime. All… Read More

Vermont Shade-grown Milk

When this reporter was young in the middle of the last century in Morrisville, Greaves Dairy delivered two scratched glass bottles filled with delicious opal-colored cream, floating on fresh whole… Read More

Get Out of the Kitchen

I’ve lived in Vermont since just after World War II and, though I can’t count myself a Vermonter by birth, I know a thing or two about the state –… Read More

The Right to Dry

Nature conveys no rights and only a few privileges. You could be driving your country club golf cart down several square miles of manicured fairway and be struck dead by… Read More