Fat People review in PsychCentral.com by Devon Tomasulo, MFA

For his book Fat People, Bill Schubart has created and gathered a collection of stories that will make you rethink your relationship with food. Schubart is smart, sensitive and unnervingly keen… Read More

9/11 Redux

At 8:30 the morning of 9/11, I was sitting on the porch at the Inn at Shelburne Farms having breakfast with CBS, NPR, The NY Times, BBC, WNET, WGBH and… Read More

Midwest Review “Fat People”

“Fat People” 9780615397511, $15.00 Food is good, food is great, but like all things, overindulgence is the opposite of good. “Fat People” is a collection of short stories from Bill… Read More

Review of “Fat People” by Michael Prager

“Fat People” Submitted by Michael on Wed, 04/20/2011 – 10:42. compulsive eating Food writing One reason skeptics scoff at the notion of food addiction is that they eat, and so… Read More

Seven Days VT – Fat Chance

In 1982, Bill Schubart was fast approaching 500 pounds. He knew that if he were bedridden — or worse — by his heft, he couldn’t run his new media manufacturing and… Read More

Rutland Herald VT Sunday Magazine

November 23, 2008 By A.C. HUTCHISON “The Lamoille Stories: Uncle Benoit’s Wake And Other Tales From Vermont,” by Bill Schubart (White River Press, 2008, 200 pages, $15 paperback) Radio personality… Read More

Seven Days Vermont Review

Book Review: The Lamoille Stories</em By Amy Lilly [11.25.08] People often joke that the nice thing about Burlington is it’s so close to Vermont. But they’re talking about a particular… Read More

Press & Critical Response

“Bill Schubart’s Vermont stories of a mostly-forgotten time and place are fresh, authentic, funny in places and sad in others. He knows his corner of the Green Mountains inside out… Read More

News and Citizen Review

The Lamoille Stories Uncle Benoit’s Wake and Other Tales from Vermont By Bill Schubart If you didn’t get a copy of the new book, The Lamoille Stories, for Christmas, quick!… Read More