Political Pledges and Hucksters

Question… should political candidates take ideological pledges? If they do, don’t they then compromise their future leadership options? Leadership, after all, is about the agility of decision-making in real time… Read More

The Free Market: An Enduring Myth

My libertarian and conservative friends love to cite the purifying qualities of the free market, operating like a natural stream-bed filter, removing weak business models, compressing economic fluctuations, and obviating… Read More

The Battle of Mastodons

The battle in Washington is not over a balanced budget. It is not between the rich and the poor. It’s not between business and consumers. It’s not about the environment.… Read More

Why Taxpayers Should Support a National Broadcast System

The current political rhetoric surrounding the bill to muffle NPR and to limit the ability of its affiliate network to survive, much less prosper, misses the important philosophical question of… Read More

Government Cuts

Capitals around the country are rife with facile rants about cutting government, when the real task is balancing budgets. Will leaders do the hard work of applying shared principles to… Read More

How Government, Business, & the Non-profit Sector Could Work Together

Recently, the Vermont Community Foundation published a status report on Vermont’s non-profit sector. In a straightforward, data-driven report, it dispelled certain myths and quantified how significant the sector is in… Read More

The Tyranny of the NRA

I have no aspirations for political office, so free speech comes quite easily. The massacre in Arizona ought to have raised the volume on our hushed national discussions about gun… Read More

Democracy, Money and Community

I was taught it’s not polite to talk about money, so here goes. Honesty, however, requires context. I grew up in a middle class family in Vermont. My stepfather’s family… Read More

Election Day 2010: Now it’s our turn

We are at a critical turning point in Vermont. We must confront who we are, who we want to be and what we believe in. As the nation at large… Read More

Citizens United: Mammon or Democracy?

Much is being written today about the Supreme Court’s recent Citizens United decision, extending the right of free speech to corporations. This about-face in legal tradition immediately opened the floodgates… Read More

Stasis or Change?

Much of what I hear these days is, “I’m gonna vote for balance. If the legislature’s gonna be Democratic, I’ll vote for a Republican governor to keep them in check.”… Read More

“The Centre cannot hold…” Yeats

In these opening days of the new decade, I am haunted by Yeats’ ominous stanza in his poem The Second Coming: Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold; Mere anarchy… Read More