Loyalty or Competence?

First it was Rumsfeld, then Bolton, then Wolfowitz, Karl Rove and now Gonzalez. If there’s a constructive lesson to be found in all of this, I think it has to… Read More


I am going to talk about everyone’s least favorite subject, not death, the other one. At its best, taxation is how a citizenry funds the services it feels are be… Read More

Vermont’s 2500 Non-profits

Vermont has over 2500 non-profit organizations. They are either mission-driven or overhead-driven. They are focused either on achieving their stated mission or on their survival. There is a great deal… Read More

Who Should Lead?

What should we look for when we choose a leader? The very person in your small town who really wants to be the cop is probably the one individual you… Read More

An Insular Nation

We are outside security. Through thick glass, we watch our son hoist his backpack onto the x-ray machine and wait to be summoned by a uniformed TSA agent through the… Read More

Minding Our Own Business

The State’s “Please Look at Me” strategy — trying to attract major manufacturing or service employers to Vermont — is under-funded and out of date and, quite frankly, hopeless. Vermont’s… Read More