Freedom of Information, Criminal Records, & Accountability

By way of full disclosure, I’m Chair of the VT Journalism Trust, doing business as, serve on the Board of the VT ACLU, and am a former Chair of… Read More

The New Civil War

The accords we’ve long used to organize ourselves into a functioning society have traditionally been shared among three sectors: government, business and the non-profit sector. Government has traditionally been the… Read More

The Rationale for Smart Regulation

A relentless conservative theme in this election is “less government regulation.” And I can support conservative calls for lowered government spending if done strategically, since I have come to regard… Read More

Vermont Needs Better Government Transparency

When the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Citizens United, there was little dissent from the justices about transparency. If businesses and those with the means were now free to… Read More

Bullying and the NRA

Earlier this summer, Americans reacted with outrage to a video of bullying on a school bus in which several teens unleashed a barrage of invective against the older woman serving… Read More


We have two criminal justice systems. One under-incarcerates white, wealthy males and sports heroes who steal, cheat or take drugs. Some are never arraigned, nor convicted, or spend easy time… Read More

The Attraction & Failure of Absolutism

Social conservatives like to use the phrase “moral relativism” to describe their liberal counterparts, perhaps because absolutes are simple and easy to remember, if not to live by. Our judicial… Read More

No Easy Answers

Life is a balancing act. Complex truths are easily overwhelmed by simplistic ideologies and yes-no answers. The currently popular debate that pits free-market capitalism against shared responsibility for our community’s… Read More

The Land of the Free … in Jail

The most expensive service our government provides to its citizens, other than heroic healthcare in Medicare, Medicaid and the VA, is to lock them up. According to the Bureau of… Read More

“Job Creators?”

I was what conservative business interests would have you believe is a “job creator.” I, and several very smart managers ran, and some still do, a company that worked with… Read More

American Autumn, Arab Spring?

 I recently read an editorial juxtaposing two disparate yet related visions that have haunted me, as any good op-ed should. The writer alluded to the crowds in Cairo’s Tahrir Square… Read More

Love’s Labor Lost?

Labor Day is the last, long weekend of summer and a signal that it’s time to get back to work….that is if one has work, which takes us to the… Read More