Arrogant Species?

Sometimes I worry that we’re at risk of succumbing to our own arrogance as a species. A quick history … In primitive times, just after we lost our prehensile tails,… Read More

The Scourge of Orthodoxy

Orthodoxy has never served mankind well. Like an angry Gorgon, it periodically emerges from its cave and breaths fire into religion, academia or politics, and then retreats in order to… Read More

Addictive Behavior

“Hi, I’m Bill. I’m a food addict.” Is this a statement of fact, of theory, of wishful thinking, or merely an attempt to avoid responsibility for overeating and being fat?… Read More

Work or exercise?

My friends go to a gym to exercise, I don’t. I really like strenuous activity; I just want something practical or beautiful to come of it. I love doing hard… Read More


Mercy derives from empathy or the capacity to experience another person’s feelings. The response from someone lacking empathy is most often framed intellectually or rationally rather than emotionally. If your… Read More

Slip Slidin’ Away

Life promises us nothing. The quality of our lives is determined as much by arbitrary circumstance as it is by our individual capacity for learning and enterprise. And if we… Read More

Religious Wars

Whether I am ushered into the next world by a choir of cherubs or a bevy of trident-bearing imps, or whether I just compost quietly in nature’s great recycling system… Read More

The Power of Making

We recently visited London’s Victoria and Albert Museum to see a show called “The Power of Making.” The show begins with this eloquent statement by its curator, Daniel Charny: “Making… Read More

New Grandfather….

There are many events in our lives that forge us as human beings, but in general, childhood play, early work, and exposure to death are among the most important. As… Read More

Love’s Labor Lost?

Labor Day is the last, long weekend of summer and a signal that it’s time to get back to work….that is if one has work, which takes us to the… Read More


At a dinner party several years ago, a woman of a certain age introduced herself to me and initiated an artful flirtation that eventuated in a warm friendship, not just… Read More

The Sadness of Earbuds

Earbuds?  Nonsense, when I was young, we couldn’t fit our stereo system in a 16-foot truck, much less our ears. Admittedly, we had a sound re-enforcement company that provided sound… Read More