Laying Off Human Beings

A friend was just laid off… badly I must add. It’s not that her employer did not have to lay her off. That was not the question. The “badly” part… Read More

Chaos and Gratitude

An unavoidable part of this particular holiday season is the need to survey the wreckage of last year, and the staggering damage we and our elected leaders have wrought on… Read More

Talking about Government

A central, if unspoken, ideological argument today is about government, whether it is good or bad? Government of course is neither. It is simply an organizing principle around which societies… Read More

Personal Responsibility

In healthcare, we do know a few things. We know for example that very few will ever be able to afford on their own all the healthcare they will need… Read More


When I was first married 40 some years ago, there was little spare money for Christmas toys. We relied on well heeled relatives to fill the empty white area under… Read More

Death and Taxes

I am going to talk about everyone’s least favorite subject, not death, the other one. At its best, taxation is how a citizenry funds the services it feels are be… Read More

The Loneliness of the Long Distance Dialer

Why can’t we communicate? Too much communication. How do you feel while talking with someone who’s reading emails? We’re in the Metropolitan Opera to hear Renée Fleming in La Traviata.… Read More

The Consuming Society

We are often called the “consumer society.” The term has mixed meaning. All societies are in fact consumer societies. An Afghan tribal village consumes, as do people in Williston. The… Read More

A Man of Girth

I am a man of girth, overweight, fat….there I said it. But what does it mean? Physiologically it means simply that I consume more calories than I burn, nothing more,… Read More


Commentator Bill Schubart has been thinking a lot about leadership lately, what constitutes it and where it went? I am thinking a lot about conflict and leadership these days …what… Read More