My Comments on Philanthropy to Development Directors 4/9/19

Donor cultivation and approach: Start by building a relationship not predicated on giving, but mission. Do your homework, know with whom you are meeting and understand their relative capacity. Be… Read More

Comments to Lamoille Family Center Annual Meeting – 6/20/18

Many thanks. It’s an honor to be invited home to be with you all tonight. I greatly appreciate the work you do on behalf of Lamoille County’s families and communities.… Read More

Memorial Day 2017

My father died in Leyte Gulf in the Philippines on December 3, 1944, when the ship on which he was serving as a Naval lieutenant was hit by a Japanese… Read More

Key Note to Nat. Ass. of Comm. Dev. Exec. Profs. & The Ass. of Nat. Res. Ext. Profs -June 26, 2016

Our Vermont state motto, “Freedom & Unity” expresses a unity of opposites, posing the goal of achieving equilibrium between the rights of individuals and the well-being of our communities. It’s… Read More

Comments to Chamber Meeting of Business, Non-profit and Legislative Leaders 12/16/15

In opening, I’d like to make just a couple of points. They are similar to the points I made to your Legislative Commission on Government Efficiency. There are three legs… Read More

Comments to Business & Non-profit Leaders at Lake Champlain Chamber

I’ll start with a question: How is it that a small state with a $5B budget, half of which is for the social safety net, a philanthropic community that contributes… Read More

Comments to VT Comm. Loan Fund Annual Board Retreat 9/23/2015

Many thanks for inviting me to this important discussion. My goal in a few minutes will be to look at our state in broad strokes so as to add some… Read More

VT Design Technology Educators Assoc. comments 5/8/15 VT Tech

Comments: VT Design Technology Educators Assoc. May 8, 2015  at VT Tech – Randolph The challenge for those of us who teach or, in my case, taught, is to maintain… Read More

Comments to VT Assoc. of School Boards and VT Superintendents – Montpelier 2/5/2015

Many thanks for inviting me here today. You all have taken on what I believe to be the most important work in front of Vermonters. Our children are our future… Read More

Comments to VT Community Foundation 11/19/2014

I believe expressed opinions warrant a disclosure of bias and so will start by sharing mine. I’m a humanist. I believe in the power of citizen-engaged democracies to improve the… Read More

School & Municipal Leadership Conference Aug., 14, 2014

Good morning. I’m here because I served on the Blue Ribbon Legislative Tax Commission several years back. I now know that “Blue Ribbon” means thank you for your service, we’ll… Read More

Talk with Affordable Housing Convention – July 14, 2014

Our state’s prescient motto, “Freedom and Unity” sums up the fragile equilibrium between the independent rights accorded to each of us to provide for ourselves and our families and our… Read More