Why I wrote “I am Baybie”

In 1976, I met a blind New York City street singer named Reverend Baybie Hoover whose early life was marked by a succession of tragedies.   She was blinded at… Read More

Why I Wrote Panhead

Panhead is a glossary of this author’s innate fears … a fear of motorcycles, which I have always ridden; of chainsaws, which I have used since I was fifteen; of being… Read More

Why I Wrote Photographic Memory

Photographic Memory is as close as I will ever come to an autobiography. I’ve always felt the need to write about my own dichotomous childhood, though the story is masked in considerable… Read More

Why I Wrote Fat People

I am one. In my adult life, I’ve weighed between 240 lbs and 490 lbs. The publishing trade is bulging with remainders about how to lose weight. The diet industry… Read More

Why “Fat People?”

Even as we are born into families, compete to be accepted in school cliques, marry, join teams and clubs, live in neighborhoods, and compete socially, in some fundamental ways we… Read More