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December 2018  Vol.1, Issue 9

Will the premature arrival of snow this fall teach me anything? Yet again, I’m annoyed by the snowfall’s massive inconvenience – our driveway was impassable up or down and we had no power for five hours. But its stark beauty reminds me each fall of nature’s majesty and my own insignificance – a lesson I seem to have to re-learn every fall. Website Makeover

Please take a look at my new website. My old one began to feel monotone and musty like an abandoned attic. I wanted a simpler look and cleaner navigation… love to hear your thoughts.

A Holiday Gift Idea

During the month of December, I am offering an autographed copy of any of my books at the publisher’s price of $20 inscribed with your personal message and shipping included. To see all book titles, visit this link. Orders will be taken the old-fashioned way using personal checks, envelopes, stamps, and the good ole US Postal Service.1. Mail a $20 check payable to Magic Hill Press.
Include with the payment (please write legibly):
a. the person’s name
b. your special holiday message
c. the address where the book will be sent
d. your email address for confirmation or questions.

Mail all the above to:

Bill Schubart
144 Magic Hill
Hinesburg, VT 05461

Priest Cover 

Mason Singer of Laughing Bear is designing the cover of my new book “The Priest.” What I didn’t know about him is that he has a trenchant sense of humor. This is NOT the cover of my new book, which will be out in January.

Vermont Writer Book Recommendation

I thoroughly recommend Peter Gould’s latest book, “Horse-drawn Yogurt: Stories from Total Loss Farm.” It is a truly wonderful collection of stories from his decade on a hippy farm in Southern Vermont. Click here for my review in Vermont History. I loved this book and can’t recommend it highly enough.

What I’m Reading Now

On the recommendation of a Norwegian fellow we met in Atlanta airport while waiting to come home from a family wedding, I started reading Selma Lagerlöf’s “Jerusalem.” I often read on Kindle and when I downloaded the 1903 novel, realized it was never digitized and have been struggling to read a scan of the original 1903 edition on Kindle – a challenge as the ink has run and I must enlarge and shrink each page as I read it. Great book though.

Fat People Audiobook Coming Soon

I’ve been in the recording booth reading Fat People at Voice Over Vermont. This audiobook will be coming out soon and I’m planning to release a number of my other titles as audio books as well.

Please support your local bookstores!

Vermont’s Hero Bookstores

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