La Famille Beaudoin

Deuxieme disque

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  1. Lorraine Beaudoin says:

    Hello Bill, I am Lorraine Beaudoin and live in Montreal. I’m curious to learn more about the Beaudoin family about whom you have written. Are these American Beaudoin’s? Do they speak french at all? Do they originate from Quebec or France?

    Thanks, Lorraine

  2. Lorraine,
    The family was Louis and Julie Beaudoin’s and we became like family. We would visit them every year on Le Jour de l’an to get Louis’s blessing, eat meat pies, listen to him play Quebecois fiddle tunes and step dance.

    My brother and I had a recording company called Philo Records (les disques Philo in Quebec) and we recorded two albums of Louis. He owned a radiator repair shop in Burlington. His generation spoke their native French. I believe they were second generation having come from Quebec.

    As a result of the recordings, Louis went on to become very well known here and in Quebec.We also started the Festival des Deux Mondes bringing together the Quebecois and Cajun musicians. It traveled the Northeast and Louisiana. Great fun.

    We also recorded Ti-Jean Carignan, Philippe Bruneau, Jean d’Arc Charlebois, La Famille Verret, and did reissues of Madame Bolduc and Joseph Allard.

    You can see photos of Louis here and the family here and here.

    Thanks for being in touch.

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