Ken Squier: a personal reflection
Photo by Peter Miller, Courtesy of WDEV Radio Vermont On November 15th, Ken Squier, a much loved Vermonter, ascended into the Green Mountains above his home in Stowe. Ken was… Read More
Religion & Spirit
"Your children are not your children" Kahlil Gibran
  United Church of Hinesburg Kahlil Gibran   1883 – 1931, The Prophet And a woman who held a babe against her bosom said, Speak to us of Children. And he… Read More
Freedom of Expression and Our Universities
Photo Courtesy UVM   UVM’s recent decision to cancel an appearance by Palestinian poet and journalist Mohammed El-Kurd from Israel was a poor choice. It was reportedly based on the… Read More
We're Poisoning Ourselves
  Kraft Heinz advertisement   I once weighed 485 pounds. I now weigh a bit over half that. My addiction to sugar and refined carbohydrates was killing me. When I… Read More
Health Care
A Community-Engaged Hospital in Vermont
Photo courtesy of Brattleboro Memorial Hospital Too often I write about our misunderstanding of the complex systems that plague us and our failure to reimagine them as functional solutions to… Read More
Health Care
Comments to Brattleboro Hospital Convocation on October 4, 2023
Photo of Brattleboro Hospital courtesy of VTDigger.org We’re here to talk today about how best to design and implement a healthcare and social system that secures our shared goal of… Read More
ST J. and L.C. Railway, an Elegy
Photo by Jim Shaughnessy, from “The Story of the St. Johnsbury & Lamoille County Railroad”, the Fisher Bridge by Edward A. Lewis 1974 The Lamoille Valley Rail Trail (LVRT) runs… Read More
Health Care
Memo to Board members: It’s Unwise to Try to Intimidate, Insult, or Challenge the Authority of your Regulator
  I have grave ethical concerns about the behavior, governance, and board leadership at the UVM Health Network (UVMHN) and its network of Vermont hospitals (Porter, Central VT, and UVM Medical Center… Read More
Our Young People and the Imperative of Social-Emotional Learning
   Courtesy Penn Live Our public schools have become the focus of our efforts to support youth mental health. Many parents are stressed beyond imagination because of the pandemic, flooding, and… Read More
Policy & Politics
Beauty, Eroticism, Sexuality, and Pornography
Michelangelo’s David courtesy of BBC Media When I was young and in search of the facts of life, there was no discernible pornography. The closest we ever got was a book we… Read More
Health Care
A New Asylum for our Communities
The Weeks School Girls’ Dorm When I was young growing up in Morrisville, there were certain institutions that were invoked largely in an effort to ensure that we behaved. One… Read More