Policy & Politics
What are the dumbest things we do or don’t do in Vermont?
  We like to think of ourselves as progressive, pioneering, and aware of our neighbors’ needs. Why then do we have some of the worst socio-economic benchmarks in America? Unsheltered: As… Read More
Criminal Justice
Learning Inside
In my last VTDigger column, I wrote about the visionary work the Vermont Department of Corrections (DOC) is doing to decarcerate people in prison who no longer need be there,… Read More
Criminal Justice
Let's Stay Out of Prison
I think a lot about the criminal justice system. At 79, I’ve mostly evaded its embrace except for a few driving offenses, a surprise visit from the FBI and a… Read More
Policy & Politics
Up the Down Staircase
By 2030, Vermont’s ability to govern had descended into entropy. After decades studying, tinkering with, and deferring action on Vermont’s increasingly complex challenges, we came to understand we needed to… Read More
Health Care
1.       UVMMC has generated  negative Medicare margins for at least the past 10 years. These negative margins have averaged $43M and totaled $119M in 2022.  60% of academic peer hospitals broke even… Read More
Health Care
Vermonters: The time is now to reach out to your legislators and insist they protect the mission of the Green Mountain Care Board to regulate and improve our access to healthcare in Vermont.
Unlike my prior columns on healthcare, this one will be short, concise, and easily understood. It’s a call-to-aims (sic) for all Vermonters concerned about their access to quality healthcare. The… Read More
VT Legislators
  Vermont State Legislature Title Member / Email                                             … Read More
Social Culture
A Legislative and media initiative to give voice to our young people
By its own description, House Bill H.714, currently in the Legislature: “… proposes to create the two-year Child and Youth Representation Policy Fellowship Program and a related fellowship position to… Read More
My Roadworthy Chest Freezer: Greta in Winter
In 2016, for only the second time in my life, I bought a new car, an emission-free Nissan Leaf. I named it “Greta.” I recently ran into a friend who… Read More
Health Care
Leveraging Government’s Role by Funding Designated Agencies and Specialized Service Agencies in the Nonprofit Sector
The socio-economic governance spectrum divides itself into the for-profit business sector, the nonprofit mission-driven sector, and the government sector. There are statutory regulations that, often rather loosely, regulate the governance… Read More
Health Care
Oppose Senate bill S.211….written by Vermonters for Vermonters?
Senate bill S.211 is an attempt by the Vermont Association of Hospitals and Health Systems (VAHHS) to gain more power. Their dominant member is the UVM Health Network (UVMHN). Over… Read More
Policy & Politics
Leadership and the Governor's "Affordability Crisis"
For over 70 years, I’ve confronted each New Year reviewing what got better, what got worse, and what I hope for in the ensuing year. At 78, I’m grateful that… Read More