John Klar and Critical Race Theory
Like science, history is an ever-emerging narrative based on curiosity, exploration, discovery, debate, and interpretation. But like science (and journalism) it must be informed by fact. The recent screed by… Read More
Policy & Politics
The Dream of Owning a Home
The most corrosive issue today affecting the American Dream is that so many families have had to give up on the idea of ever owning their own home. Affordable housing… Read More
Religion & Spirit
A Green Spiritual Practice
When I was ten, a book arrived in the mail from my older cousin in New York City. Ann was a people person, often to her own detriment. A professional… Read More
Health Care
Vermont Healthcare: A Mare's Nest
As I’ve written in the past, we’ll never sort out the hot mess that health care’s become in Vermont and in the U.S. until we agree on the fundamental question… Read More
Arts and Humanities
Hi Bill, I’m not sure if this is the best way to reach you but I would really like to begin a conversation about Vermont’s lack of long range planning!… Read More
The Elegant Clarity and Broad Misunderstanding of Nonprofit Governance
The Vermont Nonprofit sector is a major contributor to Vermont’s economy and to the well-being of Vermonters. Its 6000 organizations represent about 20% of Vermont’s overall economy and employ about… Read More
Policy & Politics
How Can Vermont use Local and Regional Councils to Inform its Strategic Planning?
The Vermont Council on Rural Development(VCRD)’s deep dive into the issues facing Vermont is informed by interviews with and input from thousands of Vermonters. Proposition 8 was of particular interest… Read More
Guns: A River of Blood
Photo of Schubart by Eric Borg I’ve spent my 76 years fighting impulses, impulses to jump into quarries, impulses to ride uninspectable motorcycles, and impulses to binge on food –… Read More
Policy & Politics
Punt and Study?
House Speaker, Jill Krowinski’s difficult decision to do a punt-and-study of the looming pension crisis, about which we have effectively been advised for almost a decade, forewarns us of some… Read More
Early Childhood Education and Child Health
The institutional and administrative silos that differentiate the care and wellness of children from their progress through the public education system can derail a child’s education and development if he… Read More
Social Culture
Winooski: A pioneer in diversity and learning
On March 15, Governor Scott took a courageous and prescient action. He wrote the U.S. Department of State requesting they triple the number of refugees sent to Vermont next year.… Read More
Policy & Politics
How To Spend a Windfall
I’m not one to look a gift horse in the mouth… …but the $2.7B one-time federal tsunami of cash coming into a state of 624,000 people is a big deal,… Read More
Policy & Politics
When the State Takes A Child
The most extreme authority Vermonters have accorded their government is the taking of a human life. This ended in 1972, 18 years after the last Vermonter was electrocuted in Windsor… Read More