Policy & Politics
"The Affordability Agenda"
On its surface, the term “affordability agenda” makes sense, until we examine the politics behind it. A recent feature article in England’s Guardian headlined, “Unhoused children are at high risk… Read More
Health Care
Bill Schubart comments at Press Release for primary care & mental health bill - Jan 26, 2023 – VT Statehouse
In healthcare policy, Vermont must reset its priorities  ̶  either fund hospitals or the healthcare of Vermonters. Yes, they are intertwined but not an either/or  choice as some hospitals would… Read More
Humor & Satire
Gravel Slalom and Roads Scholarship
    A driver navigates ruts on Texas Hill Road in Hinesburg March 21, 2022. Photo by Glenn Russell/VTDigger It’s only January and the annual back-roads slalom season has begun… Read More
January Thaw or Apocalyptic Warning?
                                                           … Read More
Policy & Politics
My New Year’s Wish for Vermont
I don’t want any one thing in the New Year but rather a new way of understanding leadership and governing from our executive, legislative, and judiciary branches. I don’t have… Read More
Happy Birthday Vermont Council on World Affairs ! You are the gift.
              Maryem Guaali                                           … Read More
Media Coverage
VERMONT: A Love Story - Bill Schubart
Years ago, I was speeding along on the highway, going to a meeting at Vermont Castings Stoves in Randolph, VT. On the side of the road sat a trembling Beagle,… Read More
Health Care
Good Fences Make Good Neighbors: Prevent Private Equity from investing in Vermont Nonprofit Healthcare, Journalism, and Corrections
    The incursion of private-equity investors(PE) into nonprofit healthcare, journalism, and corrections is doing untold societal and economic damage in the service of high-speed profiteering. Private equity investors, usually… Read More
Book Reviews
Free Speech: From Core Values to Current Debates by UVM’s Tom Sullivan and Leslie Niehoff
    I’m reading former UVM President Thomas Sullivan’s new book, Free Speech: From Core Values to Current Debates, written in collaboration with Leonard Niehoff of University of Michigan Law… Read More
Health Care
A Model for Vermont Healthcare
Health Center, Plainfield, VT The Vermont healthcare system, infrastructure, and vision are broken, and Vermonters of all economic strata are the losers. The soul of the system is fine if… Read More
Health Care
Comments to Copley Board Strategic Planning Meeting: Trapp Lodge 102822
Background: I grew up 500 feet from the original 1932 Copley Hospital. I had my tonsils and appendix removed there by Doctor Phil Goddard, our family doc, and he set… Read More
Media & Press
How Vermont’s Media Helps Keep the State Together by Bill McKibben in the New Yorker: A Riposte
Photo courtesy of UVM I have great respect for Bill McKibben. His clarity on humankind’s threats to the environment and his ability to draft an army of planet guardians is… Read More