Vermont's Motto: Freedom and Unity
“Freedom and Unity” is Vermont’s motto and has been since 1788. It expresses the unattainable equipoise between freedom of the individual and the shared well-being of the community in which… Read More
Arts and Humanities
Our Recorded History: Intellectual Property or Cultural Heritage?
As the magnitude of loss becomes more public and musicians express more anguish about the loss of some half a million music masters in the 2008 archive fire at Universal… Read More
Public Education and Privilege
Public Education and Privilege I’ve been trying to follow the debates on all sides of Act 46 and school consolidation and am struck by how complicated the route we’ve chosen… Read More
Vermont: Economic Development
VTDigger: Schubart column  Vermont has no long-term, well-articulated economic development strategy nor the funding capacity to execute one. It’s not that we don’t spend money on economic development. There are… Read More
Stories & News from Magic Hill
News from Magic Hill - June
Stories and News From Magic Hill June 2019   Summer…not. Unlike the busy wild animals we share our few acres with, I’m not adjusting well to the persistence of winter: June… Read More
Policy & Politics
Guns and Suicide
VTDigger column May 29,2019 S.169, mandates a 24-hour waiting period for the purchase of a handgun in Vermont It’s sitting on the Governor’s desk awaiting his signature… or not. The… Read More
Criminal Justice
Before We Build New Prisons, Let's Fix the System that Fills Them
VT Digger column – Schubart H. 543, a funding bill to study options for building new prisons has both drawn ire and nonsense from those supposed to act on it,… Read More
Media & Press
Bill's Interview with Katherine Bielawa Stamper on Present Time Radio
Click here to hear interview with Bill about writing
Stories & News from Magic Hill
May Newsletter
Stories and News From Magic Hill May 2019   Peeps and Peepers Every spring, to ensure a steady supply of brilliant yellow-yoked eggs and feathered playmates for our grandchildren to carry around… Read More
Media & Press
Bridgeside Book Visit 4/18/19
Video transcript of Bill’s talk: Do you have a book in you?
Book Reviews
Julia Alvarez likes Lila & Theron
BY THE BOOK By the Book: Julia Alvarez New York Times: April 11, 2019 The author of novels including “In the Time of the Butterflies,” just reissued for its 25th… Read More
Untitled (from Lila & Theron)
Be cold Forage and grow Haul wood and stone Go hungry Use hand tools Be bold Raise children Cure food Walk without light Keep animals Grow old Adore someone Greet… Read More
My Comments on Philanthropy to Development Directors 4/9/19
Donor cultivation and approach: Start by building a relationship not predicated on giving, but mission. Do your homework, know with whom you are meeting and understand their relative capacity. Be… Read More