The Death Throes of the “Trickle-Down” Mantra?

We may be finally witnessing the death throes of the conservative “trickle-down” mantra that advocates for lower taxes on “job creators” and “hands-off” government regulation. This philosophy enthralled Reagan’s “moral… Read More

Vermont’s EB-5 Tragedy

There are many actors in the Jay Peak/Q-Burke tragedy playing out on our Northern Vermont stage. The unfortunate investors whose investments were by law “at risk,” have been clearly deceived… Read More

Job Creators or Deregulation & Tax-cut Proponents?

Robert Proctor, a science historian at Stanford, has coined a new word that’s getting lots of attention… agnotology. Agnotology is the study of efforts to spread confusion and deceive people… Read More

The Rationale for Smart Regulation

A relentless conservative theme in this election is “less government regulation.” And I can support conservative calls for lowered government spending if done strategically, since I have come to regard… Read More