Elise Couture

ST J. and L.C. Railway, an Elegy

Photo by Jim Shaughnessy, from “The Story of the St. Johnsbury & Lamoille County Railroad”, the Fisher Bridge by Edward A. Lewis 1974 The Lamoille Valley Rail Trail (LVRT) runs… Read More

Hommage à Grand-mère Elise et Sa Salade Verte

Born in 1901, Grammie Couture lived over 101 years. She was the family matriarch, the friend we all turned to when our lives tipped over. Although deeply religious, Grammie bore… Read More

Winooski: A pioneer in diversity and learning

On March 15, Governor Scott took a courageous and prescient action. He wrote the U.S. Department of State requesting they triple the number of refugees sent to Vermont next year.… Read More