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Jeeter’s Memorial Service

Jeeter’s friend Zephyr invited him to his mother’s memorial service in the Methodist church basement. He knew Jeeter had run out of venison, winter was setting in, and Jeeter’s meager garden plot was now frozen solid. What little Jeeter hadn’t picked and eaten, shared with ravaging critters, or stored in the garbage can beside his trailer that he used for a winter freezer was now frozen in the earth. The church ladies always turned out a fine meal of casseroles ranging from the ever-popular mac and cheese with hot dog slices and hamburger goulash, to the less popular “Cheese Whiz broccoli,” a mortar-like dish made of frozen broccoli florets, Minute Rice, and a jar of Cheese Whiz. Jeeter asked Zephyr …
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We Can Do Better Helping Vermonters In Need (It’s Not About Money)

How does a tiny state with a $5.5 billion budget – half of which is allocated to help struggling people and communities, a philanthropic community that contributes almost $3M to the non-profit-sector for community reinvestment, and a business community that spends significant time and money addressing shared socio-economic problems fail to substantially solve the problems of our 70,000 poor of whom 1600 are homeless, our 83,000 hungry, 21,000 medically uninsured, and 20,000 jobless? If we assume that 25,000 Vermonters are in dire need and divide that number into $3B we get $120,000 per needy Vermonter. Where is all this taxpayer money going and why is our progress so incremental? I would suggest that statewide and with the best of intentions, …
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