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Ethics Meltdown in Legislature

The Legislature is at an impasse trying to decide whether to establish and adequately fund a statewide ethics commission that has real enforcement capability. There’s been considerable favorable testimony by Vermonters, ethicists and our secretary of state, Jim Condos, who has been a relentless champion of government transparency, inclusion and establishing such a commission. Each time VTDigger runs a story on ethics legislative testimony or ethical lapses by state officials, comments from Vermonters run almost universally in favor of establishing such a commission. Legislative arguments against it are unconvincing: In this year of budget constraints, we can’t afford another government bureaucracy ($330,000 of $3.5 billion); (less than 1/100th of a percent) Financial disclosure of possible conflicts will discourage Vermonters from …
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The Local and National Political Dialogues: a study in contrasts

I missed the opening day of the legislature and the inauguration of our new Governor. But I caught much of it on radio and read more in the dailies. Contrasting events in Montpelier with those in our nation’s capital should make Vermonters proud. Although there’s significant turnover and we’ve elected a Republican Governor and a Democratic legislature, we’ve every reason to believe we’ll be governed by thoughtful, mutually respectful people focused on the needs and wishes of all Vermonters, despite different philosophical and economic viewpoints. They’ll talk together and exhibit comity in their decision-making, as they’ve already done on several issues, including the clean-up of Lake Champlain and economic development. Contrast this with the three-ring circus playing out in Washington …
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Beware the Mt. Peculiar Jabberwalker

The Mt. Peculiar Jabberwalkers With apologies to Lewis Carroll on the last day of the 2015-16 session   ’Twas quiblous in Peculiar Town Rambunction and dysfunction, As Ceres eyed the legisphere’s compunction for injunction, Where Hobblespend Expropriations meets to cringe and oft to whinge About some new Progressive binge and tot infernal revenues. Next door, as if to complicate, the Caliphate Adjudicate Meets now to make more things illegal … to shake a fist or point at beagles Where lobbygobblers lurk and glom And green teens shuttle pros and cons Between their Fleecebook posts and texts. Beware the fearsome Job Creationist, haunting smokeless chatter rooms, Undone by tax and regulation, minion wage hikes, fambly leave, Bestowing gifts and currying favors, …
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