Vermonters are Stingey with Syllables

While today’s young Vermonters favor the glottal stop: mount- ain, import-ant, apart-ment, hunt-in’ and fish-in’, etc., older Vermonters tend to avoid unnecessary syllables, favoring the terser elision.

  Can you match the Vermont expression with its meaning?

  1. Din’tcha know?                            Clean out cow gutters.
  2. Whassat?                                      What’s everyone excited about?
  3. ’Cha doin”                                     Believe it or not.
  4. ’Chupta?                                        I wouldn’t if I were you.
  5. Go’in’ out?                                    Better not to do that.
  6. Bes’n’ do ’at.                                 Didn’t you know?
  7. B’leefe it ’er not.                          What are you doing?
  8. Times-it?                                      I would never do that.
  9. S’fer dinner?                                Have you eaten yet?
  10. Et yet?                                           What are you up to?
  11. Ain’tcha eatin?                            Are the cows in the pasture?
  12. Woon’t if I was yourin’.             What’s her name?
  13. T’chu gun do now?                     What’s for dinner?
  14. Girls out?                                      What are you going to do now?
  15. Wha’s all th’citement ’bout?     Aren’t you eating?
  16. Woon’t ever do’at.                       What is that?
  17. Shovel shit                                    You going out?
  18. S’er name?                                   What time is it?

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