News flash: MAGA Republicans take on new patriotic challenges in support of democracy

Louisiana just joined 17 other states in banning transgender women and girls from competing on female sports teams. The Louisiana ban includes all public, private elementary and secondary schools and colleges.

Meanwhile, the Ohio House has introduced a law that will require children of “disputed sex” participating in school sports to present a physician’s statement categorizing them as male or female. The doctor’s exam must evaluate “the participant’s internal and external anatomy,”  specifically genitalia. Although opposed by the Academic Pediatric Association(APA), the bill is a favorite of many MAGA Republicans.

In response to the APA’s resistance to gender examinations, patriotic Republicans, currently volunteering to oversee polling stations and vote-counting stations where they remain convinced that deep-state voting fraud is commonplace especially among non-white races, have agreed to let others patrol the voting booths and ballot-counting stations and are volunteering to perform gender exams.

Matt Gaetz (R-FL) and Paul Gosar(R-AZ) are recruiting MAGA colleagues to form a team to make up for the deficit caused by the APA’s adverse position on gender-affirming exams.

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