Press & Critical Response

“Bill Schubart’s Vermont stories of a mostly-forgotten time and place are fresh, authentic, funny in places and sad in others. He knows his corner of the Green Mountains inside out and writes with honesty and grace about its people.“

– Howard Frank Mosher, author of Disappearances, Mary Blythe, On Kingdom Mountain

“These are fast becoming some of my favorite stories. Bill Schubart captures something of Vermont that many of us barely remember, and others may never experience. Each of The Lamoille Stories is a unique experience — lovingly told, with insight, pathos, and especially humor. You’ll read them again and again.”

–Joseph A. Citro
author of Passing Strange and Cursed in New England

“Bill Schubart’s stories are Vermont’s answer to Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales: larger than life, triumphantly over-the-top, by turns erudite and savagely, raucously funny. No good soul, no matter how low on the social ladder, is beneath Schubart’s fond notice; no lout, no matter how highly placed, escapes his lacerating wit. People drink in these stories, folks. They drink, and occasionally they damage their homes and cars and boots and lifelong local reputations as a result. But in Schubart’s universe, such things happen, and such people remain loved. Laughed at certainly, but loved just the same.”

– Philip Baruth, Vermont Public Radio commentator and author of The X President.

“The State of Vermont, small as it is, contains many hidden cultural and geographic enclaves virtually unknown to even Vermonters themselves. Bill Schubart, in this collection of stories, sheds light upon French-Canadian loggers and coldwater swamp Yankees; also locals who work for alien summer folks and big-city corporations who don’t realize that, as they peek through the keyhole with amusement at Vermont natives and their idiosyncrasies, the natives are peeking back at them.”

–Willem Lange, writer and commentator

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