Comments to Vt State College System Board 082219

Comments to Vt State College System Board 082219 The White Paper (Paper) does a credible job assessing the current challenges faced by VSCS (the System). It’s light, however, on offering… Read More

Imagine if Vermont Got Immigration Right.

In a recent conversation with Governor Scott, one of his principle economic concerns was the gap between job openings and applicants. With Vermont’s population either slightly shrinking or growing, depending… Read More

Who Really Made America Great?

An epiphany is a spontaneous event that inexplicably alters one’s life, a​ manifestation​ of some force in the universe greater than oneself. ​ My wife and I both experienced this… Read More

No Man Is an Island – John Donne, 1624

The Solstice Holidays are a time for us to pause and think about who we are, our purpose on earth, and where we reside in the universe of religious tradition,… Read More

Human Rights and the Human Migration

Two predicates for civil society and peace in our world – neither of which we’ll see in our lifetimes – are widespread, localized legal and judicial systems that support social… Read More

Deport the Poor and Sell Green Cards to the Rich?

The legal underpinning driving the planned economic renaissance in Northern Vermont is called the “Immigrant Investor Program” or EB-5 program. The federal program offers green cards to wealthy foreigners willing… Read More