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Identity Politics

I’ve recently learned I’m a “privileged, cisgendered, white male.” This feels somewhat alien to me still – but it’s new so I’m willing to try it on and figure out what it means in today’s definitional taxonomy of “identity politics.” Like the few obese kids I knew growing up in Vermont or later at prep school, the only imposed identity I’ve ever known in my seventy-three years has been as a fat person. I was often isolated, teased, or “baited,” as they said at Exeter, where I was known as “Dumbo.” It was painful and gave me a sense of what it meant to be “other.” I believed in my “otherness” until I lost weight – for a time – …
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The Battle of Mastodons

The battle in Washington is not over a balanced budget. It is not between the rich and the poor. It’s not between business and consumers. It’s not about the environment. It’s not about Sara Palin’s intellect or the entropic Tea Party. It’s a mastodon battle between ideologies. Much editorial writing simply misses this point. So, sadly, do liberals. Underlying the childish antics in our capital is a deadly serious battle of philosophies. On one side is an experienced dinosaur with clear objectives and a well conceived strategy for winning. On the other side is a disorganized dinosaur with good intentions and no strategy. The mastodons have been circling each other for decades. The conservative mastodon cannot forget the success of …
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