*New York Menu to a Vermonter

I. Genesis: The Belly of the Beast: archival quality, yellow-belly tuna carved with a sashimi knife, hand-forged of alternating layers of ginger leaf and carbon steel served on bamboo. Big Apple Salad – A curated mélange of wild greens, hand-plucked in Prospect Park by New York’s own native peoples, tossed with a New York harbor mollusk vinaigrette. How Sweet it is !: A humane harvest of farm life sweetmeats cured in a palliative of Lapsang tea leaves and pan-fried with sake lees. One-world Capresi – Mary Cassatt heirloom tomatoes interwoven with mozzarella made from Belgian lop-eared rabbit’s milk and Thai sacred basil leaves. Euelle’s Own : Hearts of cattail harvested from the marshes of Bayonne by families in the Federal …
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Meat and Fire

This is about meat and fire. It will be distasteful to some and salubrious to others. In either case, it is not for the faint hearted. It is about the selection of the best meat and its preparation for consumption. It is about life and death. It is unapologetically carnivorous and acknowledges the spiritual proximity of men to the various beasts that become their food. We are held harmless by the relentless machines of death that, in war, produce “body counts,” and enduring grief and, in the food industry, put meat on our tables. As we waddle through supermarkets pushing our chrome carts and scanning the white foam trays of theatrically lit red and gray meats wrapped in food film, …
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