Last Communion of an Island Dog

I died today or yesterday of fleas and famine – sooner both, but consciousness and hunger haunt my rest. I fought life hard, bore countless pups, though none would know […]

Fawn In Headlights

You will never again be this alone or alive, Near your mother lying dead in the breakdown lane, And you in the travel lane, trying to stand on spindly legs, […]

Leyte Gulf 1944, excerpt

On a coral reef you lay to die and breathless lay there eye to eye


Winter strikes, blasts away at our sanity, Engages us and brings us down. Weightless, I sway in an eddy of doubt As waves of alcohol course through my veins Like […]


I do not understand why those men are fishing there.

Untitled Poem

In the ragtime of the mind will you or I be left behind? You will ask a question. And how will I surround it? Like a pintid aboriginal with dance […]


And in no land I walk through ferns Where friends I now no longer know Wade into slippery streams, dive in dark pools and take no notice. My life, a […]


On an arctic night, auroral lights cascade a bluish fire.

Leyte Gulf 1944

On a coral reef you lay to die and breathless lay there eye to eye With rippling morays where they hide in turbid currents deep inside of Leyte Gulf. Did […]

The Wood Duck

A wood duck trapped in the icing pond waits. It’s heart, a subtle engine, diesels in the lead December wind. There is no struggle, no shift in death. The spirit […]


You are taking short, asphyxiating breaths. There is no air in you. I talk softly to you, aspirate you. Your lungs are full of what you have not said. You […]