Uncle Benoit’s Wake

When I was ten, just after my mother had buried my grandfather, Uncle Benoit died in a spectacular late night car wreck. Uncle Ben, as he was called by us… Read More

Crazy Chase

I was walking home from first grade on Maple Street in Morrisville trying to count the houses between the elementary school and my home. Ahead on the maple-lined street, I… Read More

The Morrisville 4th of July Parade

Pud and Ginger Leland bought the lot next to Union Carbide and built a modern prefab ranch house, the first of its kind in Morrisville. Later, the most popular model… Read More

Jack Daulton’s New Camp

Pete loved to fish. His preferences were for bait casting and dynamite, although he had tried various schemes involving small makeshift dams on brooks with nets in spillways to catch… Read More

The Dairy Tax Shelter

“I’ss how the rich gits richer,” explained Eddie Purinton, blowing his left nostril onto the ground with his right index finger. “Some newfangle’ plan where ya sell yer cows t’a… Read More

Lyla’s Bucket

Hardwood Flats does not appear on most local maps but is used by locals to describe an unmarked space between Elmore, Wolcott, and Worcester. It is a hardscrabble bog of… Read More

Anne’s Biddies

It’s the second Sunday of Advent and Anne Stone braces for Christmas. Anne has been a nurse at Copley Hospital for 48 of her 69 years. As a young woman,… Read More

Darcy and Father LeFarge

According to his lifelong friend, Père Renaud, who was with him at his bedside when he died, Father LeFarge’s last words were, “I have never forgotten the face of any… Read More


Tommy cannot breathe. His 31years of smoking Luckies have shortened his breath, infusing it with viscous phlegm that makes him cough and keeps Ann awake at night worrying that he… Read More

Mr. Skiff’s VW

In 1952, Morrisville’s closest contact with the outside world was its neighbor Stowe, where tony people had begun to settle to enjoy the Nosedive, the National, the Perry Merrill, and… Read More

Doc’s Come-along

The Mud City Loop Road meanders deep into the Sterling valley and back out to Morristown Corners. Morris Orvis and Doc live along the north branch of the dirt road… Read More

Lyle’s Dump

The dump’s fading red embers were reflected above in the dusk settling over Morrisville. Sullen rats, emboldened by the quiet, scurried about amid the refuse searching for food scraps. Most… Read More