The 14th Vermont Journalism Conference at UVM: Good News

Center for Community News In this time of contrapuntal highs and lows, I find a need to look for and celebrate the occasional highs. I woke up the morning after… Read More

The Ghost Quartet: Part II

Shutterstock A Lucrative model: Make them sick, then charge them to get well. In Part I of the Ghost Quartet, we explored the lucrative model of using the chemical/agricultural complex… Read More

Future of Vermont Healthcare: Goal and Vision

  Shutterstock Future of Vermont Healthcare Council Goal: For Vermonters to find consensus on and advocate for a healthcare system that delivers quality, equity, access, and affordability for all Vermonters.… Read More

The Time is Now for Mental Health First Aid

Shutterstock May is Mental Health Awareness Month and in our world today there’s plenty of  reason to want to be aware. Vermont has established as a policy if not in… Read More

Future of Vermont Healthcare Council

Future of Vermont Healthcare Council Mission: To refine, design, and advocate for a healthcare system that delivers quality, equity, access, and affordability for Vermonters. Academic alignment and fiscal agent (501©3):… Read More

Can We Get our Legislative Act Together?

Public domain image   I don’t know whether it’s the natural wariness of Vermont’s early immigrants who succeeded the native peoples who had foraged and hunted here for millennia but… Read More

What are the dumbest things we do or don’t do in Vermont?

We like to think of ourselves as progressive, pioneering and aware of our neighbors’ needs. Why then do we have some of the worst socioeconomic benchmarks in America? Unsheltered: As… Read More

Learning Inside

In my last VTDigger column, I wrote about the visionary work the Vermont Department of Corrections (DOC) is doing to decarcerate people in prison who no longer need be there,… Read More

Let’s Stay Out of Prison

I think a lot about the criminal justice system. At 79, I’ve mostly evaded its embrace except for a few driving offenses, a surprise visit from the FBI and a… Read More

Up the Down Staircase

By 2030, Vermont’s ability to govern had descended into entropy. After decades studying, tinkering with, and deferring action on Vermont’s increasingly complex challenges, we came to understand we needed to… Read More

1.       UVMMC has generated  negative Medicare margins for at least the past 10 years. These negative margins have averaged $43M and totaled $119M in 2022.  60% of academic peer hospitals broke even… Read More

Vermonters: The time is now to reach out to your legislators and insist they protect the mission of the Green Mountain Care Board to regulate and improve our access to healthcare in Vermont.

Unlike my prior columns on healthcare, this one will be short, concise, and easily understood. It’s a call-to-aims (sic) for all Vermonters concerned about their access to quality healthcare. The… Read More