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Jeeter’s Memorial Service

Jeeter’s friend Zephyr invited him to his mother’s memorial service in the Methodist church basement. He knew Jeeter had run out of venison, winter was setting in, and Jeeter’s meager garden plot was now frozen solid. What little Jeeter hadn’t picked and eaten, shared with ravaging critters, or stored in the garbage can beside his trailer that he used for a winter freezer was now frozen in the earth. The church ladies always turned out a fine meal of casseroles ranging from the ever-popular mac and cheese with hot dog slices and hamburger goulash, to the less popular “Cheese Whiz broccoli,” a mortar-like dish made of frozen broccoli florets, Minute Rice, and a jar of Cheese Whiz. Jeeter asked Zephyr …
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Beware the Mt. Peculiar Jabberwalker

The Mt. Peculiar Jabberwalkers With apologies to Lewis Carroll on the last day of the 2015-16 session   ’Twas quiblous in Peculiar Town Rambunction and dysfunction, As Ceres eyed the legisphere’s compunction for injunction, Where Hobblespend Expropriations meets to cringe and oft to whinge About some new Progressive binge and tot infernal revenues. Next door, as if to complicate, the Caliphate Adjudicate Meets now to make more things illegal … to shake a fist or point at beagles Where lobbygobblers lurk and glom And green teens shuttle pros and cons Between their Fleecebook posts and texts. Beware the fearsome Job Creationist, haunting smokeless chatter rooms, Undone by tax and regulation, minion wage hikes, fambly leave, Bestowing gifts and currying favors, …
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