Death for All Drug Dealers?

While most of the civilized world has abandoned execution for moral as well as practical reasons, President Trump is now proposing an expanded application of the death penalty – traditionally applied only in first degree murder cases – for all “major” drug dealers. And even then, the death penalty has become so problematic and costly that the thirty-one states where it’s still legal only executed, or tried to execute, twenty-three people last year. The legal and correctional cost of execution vastly exceeds the cost of a life sentence. The image of a blind-folded Lady Justice carrying a sword and a set of scales symbolizes for Americans the fair and equal administration of the law without corruption, greed, prejudice, or favor. And with …
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Higher Ed.: Excellence or Marketing

The heart of education is the relationship between a wise and knowledgeable teacher, a willing learner, and the intellectual culture in the student’s home. Next, comes the availability of educational tools and, finally, educational amenities. When asked about my own education, a dozen or so women and men come to mind. They altered the course of my life. They didn’t care about my self-esteem, confident that that would come with my learning. They cared about me and stretched my capacity for acquiring knowledge and skills. I sometimes feared but always trusted them. The mission of education is to teach students to gather data and information and learn to process it in a way that imbues them with knowledge. Experience then …
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Email Distribution of Author's VPR Commentaries

If you would like to receive a timely email distribution of my Vt Public Radio commentaries, please drop me an email at Bill@Schubart.com and I will add you to the email distribution list. The list will be used for no other purpose. Thanks, Bill

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Buy the book

I am a reader The Lamoille Stories is available at bookstores throughout the country, or online from Northshire Book Store. I am a retailer You may order the book from the Ingram Book Company at full trade discount. It is fully returnable.  If you do not have an account with Ingram you may contact the author via email at bill@schubart.com, or by phone at (802)-482-3287. I am a reviewer or media reporter Please contact the author via email at bill@schubart.com, or by phone at (802)-482-3287.

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The Lamoille Stories

—Howard Frank Mosher, author of Disappearances, Mary Blythe, and On Kingdom Mountain Every year on the Fourth of July, Jeeter’s wife Lou struts in the town parade wearing suspenders made of jumper cables with a tow chain around her waist. Those in the know—which means everyone in town—chuckle at Lou’s silent commentary on her husband’s skill as an automotive mechanic. But Jeeter has a different perspective: “That’s my wife right there,” he tells a stranger. “She knows cars.” Author Bill Schubart brings to life the friends and characters of his native Lamoille County, where in the late 1950s and early 1960s, life was lived close to the earth and often against the grain. Schubart’s collection of twenty-two stories captures Vermont …
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