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Who Will Save Us from Ourselves?

As humans, we’re living in a time when our evolutionary capacity as humans to understand, regulate, and use technological innovation in a way beneficial to mankind and our planetary home is simply overwhelmed by the relentless speed of discovery and invention. While civilization is about six thousand years old, it was the industrial age that first started taxing our management capacity as humans some hundred and seventy years ago. Our understanding of natural phenomenon and therefore the pace of technical change accelerated greatly between 1850 and 1950 and has only sped up since that time. Technology, like biology, is an evolutionary process. Only the fit, or in the case of technology, the functional, survive to potentiate new waves of invention …
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Key Note to Nat. Ass. of Comm. Dev. Exec. Profs. & The Ass. of Nat. Res. Ext. Profs -June 26, 2016

Our Vermont state motto, “Freedom & Unity” expresses a unity of opposites, posing the goal of achieving equilibrium between the rights of individuals and the well-being of our communities. It’s a worthy goal and one we occasionally lose sight of, as we muddle our way forward. In these times of deepening disparities in access to education, health care, housing, justice, nutrition, the natural environment, and wealth accumulation, we need to remember our motto and reaffirm the beauty and justice of that equilibrium. The Changing Business View on Economic Development: There are those among us who hold that the key to achieving all healthy community goals lies in economic development – jobs, wealth accumulation, and consumption of goods. While, the dignity …
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