My Roadworthy Chest Freezer: Greta in Winter

In 2016, for only the second time in my life, I bought a new car, an emission-free Nissan Leaf. I named it “Greta.” I recently ran into a friend who… Read More

January Thaw or Apocalyptic Warning?

                                                           … Read More

We have much to learn from our neighbors, the Abenaki People

Our deeply mismanaged stewardship of Planet Earth confronts us daily with apocalyptic images of warming climate impacts from around the world. Melting glaciers in the Arctic, on which I have… Read More

Greta in Winter

This fall for only the second time in my life, I bought a new car. It’s an emission-free Nissan Leaf. I named it “Greta.” Last night, I ran into a… Read More

Town Meeting: It’s Time to Ban Plastic Bags

All of the plastic manufactured since Bakelite debuted during the Depression still litters the earth. The world is choking on an invention that’s barely a century old. Today, shoppers worldwide… Read More

Clean Water

My favorite way to recover after a hot afternoon’s hard work has always been to chug down a quart of ice cold water from a Mason jar and then jump… Read More


The recent run of cool weather reminds me that lawn mowing season is almost over. Mowing the lawn, in fact just having a lawn, is a fairly recent historical custom.… Read More

The Edifice Complex

I’m not sure when the term “edifice complex” was coined. I first heard it applied editorially to New York Governor Nelson Rockefeller’s building spree in Albany followed by the erection… Read More