Greta in Winter

This fall for only the second time in my life, I bought a new car. It’s an emission-free Nissan Leaf. I named it “Greta.” Last night, I ran into a… Read More

Town Meeting: It’s Time to Ban Plastic Bags

All of the plastic manufactured since Bakelite debuted during the Depression still litters the earth. The world is choking on an invention that’s barely a century old. Today, shoppers worldwide… Read More

Clean Water

My favorite way to recover after a hot afternoon’s hard work has always been to chug down a quart of ice cold water from a Mason jar and then jump… Read More


The recent run of cool weather reminds me that lawn mowing season is almost over. Mowing the lawn, in fact just having a lawn, is a fairly recent historical custom.… Read More

The Edifice Complex

I’m not sure when the term “edifice complex” was coined. I first heard it applied editorially to New York Governor Nelson Rockefeller’s building spree in Albany followed by the erection… Read More